About Us

Earth in the bottle coming with wave from ocean. Concept of environment, nature care, save clean world message. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Our Philosophy

Enjoying the zen-like effects of living on Alki Beach in Seattle, our goal is to bring a bit of that energy into your home for you and your family to experience. We choose only Soy wax from domestically grown soy beans, non-toxic wicks, inviting scents and unique, recycled-reusable containers. We do this in an effort to to make your space a restorative one and leave the planet a more beautiful home for generations to follow.

Our Story

Nestled in Seahawk country, across the water just minutes from Downtown Seattle, Alki Beach is a small, beachy community unique from all others in the Pacific Northwest. Relaxed, casual and friendly with sweeping views of the Downtown Seattle waterfront on one side and breathtaking views of Vashon and Bainbridge islands on the other. It’s not uncommon to see a pod of Orca pass through or an Eagle or Osprey looking for their next meal courtesy of the Puget Sound. Our Founder and Operating Owner, Lisa Wallace has lived here for more than 10 years and knows first hand how the zen-like energy of “Beach Life” can change your life for the better. Lisa started her Aromatherapy company, Raven Bella Zingaro in 2006 which specializes in therapeutic and spiritually healing essential oils blends, healing sprays and candles sold in the Seattle area, the Washington coast, Cannon Beach and Arizona. Recently, she has branched out and started her Beach Life line of candles which focuses on quality products using all natural ingredients and unique, recycled-reusable containers. “The healing power of scent is quite remarkable. It can completely change the energy of a space and that of the people in it. My goal is to combine the zen qualities of beach life and all the treasures I find on the shore, the restorative spirit of scent and the uniqueness of recycled materials into a gift that is both distinctive and revitalizing”.

Meet the Team

The best part of the Beach Life Candle Company is our team is a combination of friends and family that make it all possible. Multiple friends and family collect bottles and jars for Lisa to make her candles from. Lisa also hunts down unique jars and bottles from second hand stores, garage sales and wineries. She takes advantage of her Dad Bill’s handyman expertise to cut the wine bottles for her container candles. And, it’s not uncommon for a box of unique jars and bottles from friend’s recycling or garage sales to show up on the porch of her beach cottage.

Lisa Wallace


Founder & Operating Owner

Lisa moved to Seattle 20 years ago and took her initial leap into the corporate world, which she quickly became disheartened and unhappy with. She decided to make her passion her career and has never looked back. With a natural affinity for scent and more than 15 years of education, training and experience with herbs and oils, she took a leap of faith on a shoe-string budget and started a line of therapeutic and spiritually healing products, Raven Bella Zingaro in 2006. She continues to grow this business and teach workshops for people who want to learn to work with herbs, essential oils and use them for their therapeutic and healing properties. Her new line “Beach Life Candles” is a combination of her love for natural ingredients, unique earth friendly containers and a way of sharing the joy and healing powers of the beach with the world around her. “I think I’ve always been a bit of a hippy that didn’t quite fit into mainstream society and I wholeheartedly believe in the magic of scent and restorative powers of mother nature … this happens to be my perfect medium to express all that”.

Interested in carrying Beach Life Candles at your shop?

We’d love to have our candles at your location! Please contact our Owner, Lisa Wallace and she will make it happen.